Latest Winners

1. SEOTakeOver Slovakia


It is a great sick design, the photos and the colors are well matched with all together. It looks beautiful in all devices, loads pretty fast, and in case it does not they have loader integrated. This seo  company has done a great job. If you hit them up and give them a congratulation they will tell you the secrets of their in-house web design team.

2. Web Project Dizajn


I am flatered with the design. However, it is really similar than the first winner, therefore we do not, which one to make number one. They get ajax loader as well, great pictures, they match the target location. This website design firm kicked ass with his inner page landing page design at

3.Foster SEO Optimizers


Very beautiful theme, the uniqueness in the design is that the red color dominates, which has been proven to be conversions. Seo wise they are great, the images and tags are well optimized, looks great in mobile , the menu was creatively modified there. Heads up for suprisingly another web design group in Malta.

4. Web Design Co


They have the most custom design i have every seen. How the header is integrated in the design. I love the diversity of the colors , while scrowling through the pages. This US based web design agency has done a great job.

5. SEO Eme


Responsive, mysteries, flatering , sounds like S** and City, right? Well it is the truth. Cannot express it with other words.